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Introducing Acting Course

Even if you learn it for the first time, you'll be raised as a talented actor to make your lines perfect in the field!

An actor who has to make a big impression on the stage or in front of the camera.
training to adapt to the camera, starting with a narrative training that sets the basis for an actor
Experience in basic metabolism, meetings with actual directors, training to relieve tension in preparation for auditioning for works, etc. Make it an actor who can put in the shooting scene with what the actual actor needs.
I am going to make my debut as a talented actor.

BORNSTAR [Acting Course] POWER

If you start BORNSTAR, it's different!

When you become a member of [Bonestar]'s acting program, you have so many privileges.
The system operates as a star-making system.

[Adult / Higher / Secondary / Primary]

How is the acting course taught?

You will be studying various subjects. You will study contents that are needed in the real field of TV or films, including subjects such as The Basics of Acting, Speech and Behavior, Drama Film Script Analysis, Training on Lines, Training on Expressing Emotions, Improvisational Theatre, Monologue, Soliloquy, Monitor, Character Analysis, Imagination Training, and Mock Audition.


Through diverse courses from basics 3 months to 12 months, lessons will be divided based on level and class. Students enter different levels such as basics, professional, or experienced when starting the course. The lessons are provided in different levels such as basics, intermediate, and advanced.
Also, an advanced course will proceed theatre production and film production at the same time. Through practice of production, students will improve their skills by acting in the scene, and will appear in dramas and films right away.

Field of Entry

Movie Actor, TV Actor, CF Model, Play Actor