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K-pop dance course

Even if you learn it for the first time, you can become an expert with Bonstar!

A performance that can fill the stage!
Beginning with a thorough mastery of the basics of dance in all genres. I'm trained to be an expert in various genres.
We will expand the opportunity to experience the real stage as much as possible, and train you at the BornStar Myanmar Campus to gain professional knowledge through your experience as a performing artist, such as courtesy on the stage,
position, and to express yourself confidently on stage.

Start with BORNSTAR and it's different!

When you become a member of the dance program of Bornstar Myanmar Campus, you have a wide range of privileges.
Bornestar is an expert-creating system that works for a single student.

How is dance course taught?

The dance course’s Korean professional teachers will help everyone learn K-Pop dances. Everyone can learn easily and have fun, including the starters. You can learn dances of K-POP Idols and foreign pop singers through the methodical curriculum the course provides, which helps you learn the principles of dancing and fundamentals stage by stage.

The Teaching Method

Dance course subdivides genres and proceeds group / individual training that teaches basics necessary to become a professional dancer, K-POP Idol, or celebrity. The course has a monthly examination that moves up students who excel and help them learn various advanced dances.

Fields of Entry

Dancer for an Entertainment Company, Korean Singer Dancer, Joining a Korean Concert, Performance Dancers, and others

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