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K-POP Vocal Course

A thorough singing project with great management and vocal trainers.

We have established an educational environment where students can practice and immerse themselves in music. Bring your passion for music and dreams!Bonsar Jamsil Songpa Vocal Academy makes that dream come true!

Audition / Admission / Hobby

BORNSTAR is different from regular vocal academies!

When you become a member of [Bonestar], you have so many privileges.
This is our own 10-year accumulation.

a variety of classes

vocal, basic breathing, abdominal breathing, vocal cords, rhythm, vocal sounds, vocal sounds, tension, attack, Pitch (voice), vibrations, beeping, busting, head voice, Bending (bending), pop singing, pop singing, singing, 1:1 vocal training, recording practice, stage breathing, audition, etc.

How is the vocal course taught?

You will learn everything necessary to become a singer by studying vocalization for good singing, basic breathing, rhythm, and others. Through 1:1 vocal training, the course helps you develop your skills, gain manners for broadcasting, and eventually walk the path of a real singer.

The Teaching Method

To make sure the class is easy for everyone including starters, the course combines theory classes. By concurrently studying classes and 1:1 lessons, you can feel your skills developing.

Field of Entry

Singer for an Entertainment Company, Debut in Korea, Album production in Korea, Joining Korean Concert, O.S.T for Films and Drama, CM Singer, and others